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"Comparing Photo Booth Rentals: Selfie Booths, 360's, and Audio Guest Books"

Updated: Apr 24


Photos | GIF’s | Glam

February 5th, 2024 Website Exclusive Issue No. 3

Trying to find the perfect photo booth for your event can be a bit like navigating a maze - twists, turns, and dead ends! With so many options and prices to think over, it's no wonder we all feel a bit overwhelmed. But, lucky for you, we at Picturesque have got you covered! We offer two photo booth experiences: a digital one that beams high-quality pics and GIFs to your guests' phones, and a traditional one that prints out a cool photo keepsake. Or, why not both? At Picturesque, you get the VIP treatment! Plus, we've got the "Glam" feature, which is the awesome for weddings and any event where you want to look like a superstar.

The 360

The 360 photo booth is the ultimate trendsetter in our collection. With a capacity to hold up to 7 people, it captures stunning 360-degree videos. The footage is then enhanced with special effects and music, resulting in an Instagram-worthy video that will leave everyone in awe.

Audio Guest Book

Our Audio Guest Book is a wonderful tool for capturing and preserving vocal memories of your guests. It's also an excellent method to solicit customer feedback and show that you value their opinions.

Which photo booth rental is right for you?

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