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Making the Most of Your Booth Experience

You have an upcoming event and decide it would be great fun to rent a photo booth! Great initial thought, but where to start? The choices can be overwhelming! Photo booths have come a long way since their invention in 1889. The first photo booth was revealed at the World's Fair in Paris by T.E. Enjalbert. He called it the "Apparatus for automatic photography". Since this first apparatus made it's debuted, it has been evolving ever since. In this blog we'll discuss the booth styles we offer here at Picturesque as well as how to make the most of your booking, from making your selections, to enhancing your guest experience with add-on's.

Our most popular and inexpensive photo booth experience would be our selfie booth. Typically the "Booth" is set up in an open air style, meaning it is not enclosed. We do however offer two different enclosures that can be added on for an additional cost if guests want that closed off experience. The selfie booth is able to take color, black & white, and sepia photos. It is also capable of capturing gif's. With this booth you are given the option of digital sharing or 2"x6" or 4"x6" prints. As with all of our rentals, a six foot prop table as well as a hat/boa rack is included in the rental price. You will also have a wide assortment of backdrops to choose from. Overall the selfie booth offers a great bang for your buck if you are looking for a simple way to capture fun memories. If you wanted something a little more classy and extravagant, you'd be looking at our Mirror booth!

Mirror Mirror on the wall... Our mirror booth is definitely the fairest of them all. With a 65 inch monitor inside a beautifully crafted gold frame, your guests will be sure to turn their heads once they catch a glimpse of this setup! The mirror booth has a variety of fun animations that your guests can interact with. Like our selfie booth, our mirror booth also captures color, black & white, and sepia photos. It is also capable of capturing gif's & videos. Unlike our selfie booth, your guests will have the option of digitally signing their photo strips. When you are looking to really elevate your booth experience, it doesn't get more elegant than the mirror booth! Now if you are looking for more of a video experience, our 360 booth allows you to capture interactive 360 degree videos.

The 360 allows you to feel like a real VIP! Five to Seven people stand on a circular platform while the arm of the 360 spins around capturing all the fun! Our bubble guns and money guns create a fun visual effect, and to enhance these videos further, stunning video effects can be added. The end result is a mesmerizing video, that you can share and watch again and again. No matter what type of booth experience you decide to go with, you can be sure that you'll be walking away with some fun memories that will last a Lifetime!!

Now that you are a little more familiar with the different both options that we offer, lets explore some of the add-on options available to really enhance your experience. While we do have a selection on backdrops that are included, we do also offer a premium selection of backdrops that can be added on. These backdrops are 8'x8' and most have a 3D effect. Our Flower and Hedge walls have the option of adding on a neon "Let's Party" sign. As mentioned previously, we do offer two different enclosure options for those that want an enclosed experience. The first is a white, color customizable cube measuring 8.2x8.2x8.2ft. This option can be used with the selfie booth only.

The second enclosure is a black camera that is color customizable on the inside. The camera measures 11.5x9x8.2ft and can be used with any of our booth options. Pair one of our enclosures with colored carpet and stanchions for a real VIP feel! Our LED lights also enhance the VIP effect. Six color customizable LED lights are typically placed around the 360, but can be used with any booth option.

How would you like to walk away with a keepsake at the end of the event? Add-on the photo strip scrapbook and we'll gather a copy of each photo taken and have your guests sign the scrapbook which will be presented to you at the end.

Now you see that there are quite a few choice to be made when making the decision to rent a photo booth. A photo booth experience can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be. Next we'll take a look at making the most of your photo booth experience.

To really get the most out of your experience, you'll want to make sure to plan ahead! While we can accommodate same week/day bookings, you limit yourself as far a photo strip design and backdrop options (If you wanted something custom made). Booking 3-4 weeks in advice allows time for things like photo strip/360 overlay creation, custom props and custom backdrops. In addition to thinking ahead you'll want to be specific in what you want your strip or overlay to look like. If you have an invitation, flyer or logo, be sure to attach those things to your intake form so we can use them as inspiration during creation. Lastly, to ensure that you have the best experience possible, we ask that you ensure we have enough room for set-up. At minimum, we need a 10'x10' unclutter space, with access to power within 20ft. A Wi-Fi connection is also very helpful as it ensures guests get their photos in a timely manner when sent digitally. When Wi-Fi is unavailable in a avenue, a hotspot will be used which can cause delays.

At Picturesque we aim to deliver a fun and memorable experience at each of our events. We are here to help guild you through the planning process and are more than happy to answer any questions along the way. For more information on our photo booth packages or to book us for your next event, check out our services page on our website.

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